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B & I's Building Solutions Department

B&I works with a wide range of owners, businesses, construction managers, and municipalities. Each of these units will require MEP services that are outside the range of normal “plan & spec” construction. The Building Solutions Department (BSD) will function to meet these needs, which in many cases, will result in a construction project that will be delivered to either the construction department, or the service group. The BSD group is a unique MEP service to SW Florida.

Department Overview:

Brian F. Mumme provides engineered signed and sealed reports, plans, and energy studies. These services will be a direct result of personal interaction with clients, and will be developed through site meetings and schematic plan review. BSD has a team of engineering graduates, and CAD specialists that provide support with cooling/heating load calculations, energy compliance, ventilation rates, and schematic HVAC design.

Target Projects:

1. Design Build
2. Energy upgrades / retrofits through HVAC, HVAC controls, plumbing, and lighting scopes of work
3. Life Cycle Cost Analysis
4. Pre-construction HVAC budgets / Design Assist

Recent Project Accomplishments:

Construction | Job Name | Description

  • Design Build | Manatee County Central Energy Plant | New 1000-Ton Central Energy Plant serving downtown Manatee. Plant currently serves the Library, Administration, & Property Appraisers buildings.
  • Design Build | Sarasota Baptist Church | Thermal Storage Conversion Removal of existing two 50-Ton air cooled chillers, and replaced with one 130-Ton air cooled chiller, with 5 Calmac Ice Tanks.
  • Design Build | De La Salle Academy | HVAC Upgrades Renovation of existing HVAC equipment, addition of one 100% Outdoor Air Unit, and new ductwork, piping and controls.
  • Retrofit | Bealls Distribution Center | Sarasota Provide new ductwork distribution system to provide even cooling throughout 40,000 SF of assembly line.
  • Retrofit | Clewiston Middle School | HVAC Retrofit Provide new ductwork serving cafateria.
  • Design Assist | Lee County Sports Complex | New construction of the Century Link Stadium, with all new HVAC and plumbing systems.
  • Design Assist | U.S. Coast Guard Homestead | HVAC Retrofit Complete renovation of all cooling and electrical systems. All work was completed while the facility remained in operation.
  • Design Assist | Miami Entertainment Complex | New construction of a recording studio. Required ductwork and piping distribution systems that were in compliance with strict acoustical requirements.
  • Design Build | Hyatt House | Naples Hotel New construction of a 130,000 SF hotel. HVAC system is specifically designed to interconnect with guest check-in, and minimizes energy consumption.
  • Design Build | USDA Miami | Energy Upgrades Removal and replacement of two 160-Ton air cooled chillers, and retro commissioning of existing HVAC equipment and controls.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places. BIM is changing how buildings, infrastruction and utilities are planned, designed, built and managed. BIM solutions help turn information into insight and deliver business value at every step in the process.
Some of the benefits of using BIM are optimized planning, controlled costs, improved efficiencies and by modeling and visually walking through the building you can foresee problems before they happen. Streamlining planning and design and deliver a higher quality project on time!