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B & I's Building Solutions Department

B&I works with a wide range of owners, businesses, construction managers, and municipalities. Each of these units will require MEP services that are outside the range of normal “plan & spec” construction. The Building Solutions Department (BSD) will function to meet these needs, which in many cases, will result in a construction project that will be delivered to either the construction department, or the service group. The BSD group is a unique MEP service to SW Florida.

Department Overview:

Brian F. Mumme provides engineered signed and sealed reports, plans, and energy studies. These services will be a direct result of personal interaction with clients, and will be developed through site meetings and schematic plan review. BSD has a team of engineering graduates, and CAD specialists that provide support with cooling/heating load calculations, energy compliance, ventilation rates, and schematic HVAC design.

Target Projects:

1. Design Build
2. Energy upgrades / retrofits through HVAC, HVAC controls, plumbing, and lighting scopes of work
3. Life Cycle Cost Analysis
4. Pre-construction HVAC budgets / Design Assist

Recent Project Accomplishments:

Construction | Job Name | Description

  • Design Build | Manatee County Central Energy Plant | New 1000-Ton Central Energy Plant serving downtown Manatee. Plant currently serves the Library, Administration, & Property Appraisers buildings.
  • Design Build | Sarasota Baptist Church | Thermal Storage Conversion Removal of existing two 50-Ton air cooled chillers, and replaced with one 130-Ton air cooled chiller, with 5 Calmac Ice Tanks.
  • Design Build | De La Salle Academy | HVAC Upgrades Renovation of existing HVAC equipment, addition of one 100% Outdoor Air Unit, and new ductwork, piping and controls.
  • Retrofit | Bealls Distribution Center | Sarasota Provide new ductwork distribution system to provide even cooling throughout 40,000 SF of assembly line.
  • Retrofit | Clewiston Middle School | HVAC Retrofit Provide new ductwork serving cafateria.
  • Design Assist | Lee County Sports Complex | New construction of the Century Link Stadium, with all new HVAC and plumbing systems.
  • Design Assist | U.S. Coast Guard Homestead | HVAC Retrofit Complete renovation of all cooling and electrical systems. All work was completed while the facility remained in operation.
  • Design Assist | Miami Entertainment Complex | New construction of a recording studio. Required ductwork and piping distribution systems that were in compliance with strict acoustical requirements.
  • Design Build | Hyatt House | Naples Hotel New construction of a 130,000 SF hotel. HVAC system is specifically designed to interconnect with guest check-in, and minimizes energy consumption.
  • Design Build | USDA Miami | Energy Upgrades Removal and replacement of two 160-Ton air cooled chillers, and retro commissioning of existing HVAC equipment and controls.