Our team of experts can help you define the cost, scope, and schedule of your project and have a team of engineers to back our efforts. We also have more than 60 years of proven success and customer satisfaction. This happens because we take the time to prepare the project properly, with a well-defined plan that can be executed both on time and on budget.

Our team will consider the details that you may not – like green building techniques in engineering, or efficiencies we can find by using BIM modeling techniques, There are many more ways to save you dollars and time while providing high quality work. Start with us and start right!

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Expert Partners Agree

Brian and his team from B&I provided important guidance to CORE and the project designers that helped create a better school design. This betterment of the design yielded significant savings and ensured better constructability during the construction phase. These are the kinds of team contributions that allow good projects to become great projects.
Scott Coquinco
Former Director of Preconstruction
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