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Established in 1960 by Gordon Harbuck, for 62  years, B&I has provided exceptional performance in mechanical systems, service, electrical, plumbing, and cross-discipline maintenance for commercial building contractors and the structures they build.
In 1963, the original Articles of Incorporation were created and B&I still operates under these original articles. An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) was established in 1986, and ESOP now owns 100% of the corporate stock.


Expert Partners Agree

“B&I Contractors have completed a variety of difficult and challenging projects with DDCI over the past few years. Due to their experience and managerial skills, each project has gone exceptionally well from a scheduling, management, and cost standpoint. B&I Contractors have the manpower to meet any project deadline and the supervision to ensure there are minimal issues with construction.”

Dave Kovalik
Vice President, DeAngelis Diamond Construction
“Over the past 20+ years of changing markets, B&I has been a strategic business partner focusing on integrity, consistency, and professionalism. B&I demands its employees, as well as its business partners, to have an unparalleled work ethic. This is directly reflected in the quality of installed mechanical systems and the positive impact to the community at large.”

Paul T. Boudreaux P.E.
President, CAM, Inc.
“B&l’s management was outstanding, proactive, as well as responsive to opportunities that arise. I place a significant amount of value on a team that when presented with a special situation, rather than point fingers, will analyze, plan the best path going forward, implement the plan and see the plan thru. Additionally, B&I, will offer their expertise, regardless of who owns the responsibility.”

David Humerickhouse
Senior Superintendent, Lend Lease, US Construction
“This company’s pledge to provide quality installation and service is what makes it one of the best in the state. Lee County has truly benefited from your contribution.”

Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto
Senate District 27
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