Fort Myers High School Faces Funding Crisis

B&I FMHS Holding check

B&I Contractors Responds to Teacher’s Plea for Donations for Engineering Program

Fort Myers, FL (August 9, 2019): Fort Myers High School teacher, Brandi Bliss, was ready to plunge into the school year only to learn that the school was faced with a funding crisis for her engineering students and that there were “ZERO” funds available for the engineering program.  Optimistic and proud of the success and growth of her Engineering and Technology program, where students engaged in building trebuchets, hovercrafts and even a bike pedal powered cell phone charging station, Ms. Bliss decided to take matters in her own hands and began reaching out to local engineering and construction companies in hopes to raise a total of $11,500 in order to get students certified in AutoCAD and to cover the cost of supplies for other projects. B&I Contractors, Inc. Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Jason Grabowski, was moved by the urgency of the need and quickly stepped up to the challenge by approving a $5,000 donation towards the AutoCAD student certifications.

“We are happy to provide assistance for our public school systems especially when it creates the opportunity for students to develop engineering skills that will make them more successful in the future,” said Mr. Grabowski.

“Our program is so fortunate to have members of the community who understand the importance of Career and Technology Education,” Ms. Bliss said.  “These relationships help us (teachers) provide businesses and colleges with educated and experienced future employees/students.  There is nothing more rewarding than hearing a former student is now a successful contributor to our community. That is what this partnership is all about.”

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